As you hear a lot of times “The new generations are the future of our country” that is why, at Linc, we are dedicating a whole blog to pay tribute to students that in some way have thriven and achieved something worth mentioning. We’ll call these students “Linc’s Outliers”. 

The first student we’ll pay tribute to is Imanol Daran, student from one of Linc’s partners, Tecnologico of Monterrey campus San Luis Potosi. 

With just 22 years, Imanol is developing startups based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. He is the founder of six startups: three based on AI (artificial intelligence), one in augmented reality, one in tracking components and one based in block chain technology. 

Imanol is currently the CEO of Neuron, which is the holding company who operates all six startups, and develops software for third parties.

Imanol wishes to become one of the first entrepreneurs in Mexico to achieve with one of his startups the status of “Unicorn” which is the name venture capital firms have referred to startups who are valued one billion dollars or more. 

We asked Imanol: What advice would you give students, who in some way are starting their own project? “I would tell them to not be afraid to start their venture and to prioritize what they feel is the most important project at the moment, it does not matter if a student/ entrepreneur takes more than the usual time to graduate, as long as they are being productive with their time and resources.”

Imanol is the clear example that you don’t have to wait until you graduated from college to start doing what you love, he started creating hardware innovations since he was 9 years, and he hasn’t stopped ever since.  

Imanol wishes to inspire all students, to start doing what they love and to not wait until they are older to start their own company. As you can see from Imanol’s testimony, being and entrepreneur does not have a minimum or restriction of age.