Did you know that Linc started as a business to client (B2C) business model? What does this mean? It means we were hoping to be like the “Uber” of tutoring. It seemed like a great idea at the time, we had a service idea with high demand and no one was addressing it. Except for the same tutors that almost half the students were always fighting to get a spot on their agenda, not to mention a bit expensive those lessons. So, everything looked like it would work, we had our business plan; gather all the tutors of the city sign them up at Linc and start earning a percentage of each lesson that was given throughout the Linc App. The plan was working so well that in just the first few months we had over one hundred verified tutors in the Guadalajara metropolitan area.

We had enough supply but there was not enough demand just in one city. We needed to expand at least to the biggest four cities in Mexico to be in a good place sales-wise. After a bunch of burned cash in expensive publicity campaigns, we decided to reconsider if the path we were chasing as entrepreneurs was even the right one. After careful thought, we decided to incorporate a new way of selling our services as business to business (B2B). The transition was fast and in no time, we were only focused on growing our platform and making sure our service to the universities was the best always.

The lesson learned here is that the life of an entrepreneur is kind of like a rollercoaster, both scary and fun at the same time. And if you want my personal advice. Never stand too close to your project, be open about the idea of innovation within your project.