The 27th of April, Biden announced the 1.8 trillion budget named the “American Families Plan”, it includes a substantial amount of resources toward higher education, a total of 290 billion dollars to be exact, which includes the following:

  • $109 billion will be destined towards two years of tuition for students attending community college (including Dreamers), this was one of Biden’s proposals during his campaign.
  • 62 billion to colleges and universities for programs that fulfill and attach student retention, and therefore reduce the dropout rate.
  • $39 billion for two years of tuition subsidies for students attending minority-serving institutions (MSIs) whose annual family income is under $125,000. This includes HBCUS (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) let’s keep in mind that the VP, Kamala Harris is a graduate of the HBCU.
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars to enhance institutional capacity and student support services at community colleges and minority-serving institutions (MSIs).

By now we know, that the Biden administration intends to make education one the most urgent matters to take on forward during his mandate, particularly regarding colleges and universities. Here are some of the reasons why the higher education system will be one of the sectors mostly benefited during the next four years:

  • The Biden administration will be putting a lot of effort and resources into community colleges. You’ll see the first lady Jill Biden being part of this subject, she has been a community college educator for years.
  • “We’re rebuilding our entire education system, and now is our chance to actually put into practice the policies that we know will help our low-income children and our children of color.” Joe Biden
  • POTUS, being a member of the democrat party, and with one of his campaign slogans being “Build Back Better” is safe to say, that equity towards education is going to be his main premise.

“Just imagine how much more creative and innovative we’d be if this nation held the historically Black colleges and universities to the same opportunities, and minority serving institutions had the same funding and resources of public universities to compete for jobs in industries of the future.” Biden.

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